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Goliamo Krushevo

The village of Goliamo Krushevo is situated in the south-eastern part of Bulgaria, municipality of Boliarovo. The village is located in the north-western part of the Strandja Mountain. The village is located 35 km in the east from the town of Elhovo; 60 km in the south-west of Black Sea / town of Bourgas/ and 20 km from the Turkish border.

The village is sheltered between two elevations, division of rural river ' Kushu dere ' of two quarters. The village sea-level is of 315,5 meters. The village of Goliamo Krushevo is surrounded in the north with the ' Bakadjitsite' hills, in the west - the Manastirskite and Svetiiliiskite eminences, away Stara Mauntains, the south - of ' Saruluka ' , ' Rosenskia bair ' , to the east - ' Eki-tepe ' and of ' Kara-tepe '.

The surface is hilly. The highest summit in the land is ' Sara- lakut ' - 486 meters. The climate is with is soft in winter and a fresh - in summer. Booth the Black sea and the Aegean sea has influenced on the climate.

The territory of the village of Goliamo Krushevo, consists of of 103 000 sq. m../ fields, woods, pastures, roads, rivers etc. / The agricultural land – meadows cover 40 000 sq. m. and woodland, consisting of 33 000 sq. m.

The village of Goliamo Krushevo havecommon boundaries : on the east of territory of the village of Slivovo, on the north – villages of Granitets, Denitsa and Oman and to the west of village of Stefan Karadjovo / famous for a mineral springs/; on the south-west of Rujitsa; to the south of villages – Valchi Izvor and Momina Tsurkva.

The village of Goliamo Krushevo is of acient history, it dates back 270-280 years. There is a number of undickovared hills.

In the first time the village is project in 1937-1938 yea rs and later on is included in the regulation of the roads and the yards. Electricity is installed in 1962 yers.

There are city-hall, a medical service, a post office, cafes and some small shops are located at the centre of the village. The are asphalt roads. Most of the houses in the village are of south, south-east and south-west aspect, and the lands are extending to 1000 – 3000 sq. m.

The vicinity is ecologically clean of Strandjanskite massives close to Black sea and the international Airport / Sarafovo /. There are a number of small crystal - purity rivers and artificial lakes, as a second largest artificial likes in Bulgaria - ' Malko Sharkovo ', just 20 min driving distance to the medicinal spring of Stefan Karadjovo, only an hour away to the Turkish town of Odrin and etc.

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