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The village of Ustrem is situated in the south-eastern part of Bulgaria, 14 km from Topolovgrad, 24 km from Elhovo, 50 – 60 km from the Bulgarian-Turkish border /the check point – Lesovo/.

The village is located in the food of Sakar Mountain, in valley, passing to the rivers: Manastirska and Goliama river. In the region of the villay is located the Convent “St. Troitsa”. It give special colour of the area.

The Monastery “St. Troitsa” is located in the Sakar Mountain, about 3 km from Ystrem (to 1934 -village of Vakuv). Never mind follow from Topolovgrad, after the village of Mramor, to the right there is digression for the Convent. The road by to the Yambol towards the monastery shave the village of Srem, perch to the left waterside of the Tundja river. On the right describe the first heights of the Sakar mountain. The diversion for the monastery turn to the left of the road from Ustrem for Topolovgrad. The glen, whose bottom, meandering Manastirska river, under the boulders are assembles structures, there is a white church tower,among the dark green of the trees. Here the stream of the river turn to the right and as through, care of inhabitants, move away from all the rest.

The Monastery “St. Troitsa” together with “Karakoliovata Hole” are published for Monuments of the culture. The Monastery every years accept visitors from whole side. There are 40 beds available in the Monastery. Every year in the month June, the people from the towns and the villages near and far from the Monastery, visit this nook. The glory of the fair it is not fade and to this day.

The village of Ustrem is located in the Topolovgrad Municipality, in the Haskovo region.

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